Well if you cant see the main change then your fuckin blind! I changed the color scheme of the site to green and black rather then Blue and white. Started work on the flash intro and took the Flash version of the site down. Mike and I started work on his site. It should be pretty cool. I added the credits page and cleaned up the Pictures section (made the pictures better quality and put them in a table). That's pretty much all I can think that I did right now. But I am probably gona do some more things within the next few days.

Added the art section where I will put things I make in Photoshop up and changed the contact section too.

Added a shit load of new pictures. That's about it I also started workin' on a new section ill probably call it R.I.P its kinda like the tribute page but its got bios on dead singers and what-not. I'm not even sure if Ill put it on here but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I moved all the files to a new faster server. Unfortunately it has pop ups I got a script that kills them but they still pop up for a second. My friend says they will go away in a few days, I hope so. I thought of some more ideas for pages but I am too tired to add anything else tonight so I will probably do them tomorrow or the next day.

The HTML version is complete. I left the flash version up but I wont be updating it anymore. Except for a few minor changes I might make this is what the site will look like from now on. I hope you like it. I added a guestbook don't forget to sign it.











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