NAME: dan, tilda, homer, danzye, etc

Dan has three friends....he talks to his shoes.  dan likes to do lots of nothing. in his spare time he keeps it real with the crew. the south warren crew rules yo. and my girlfriend rocks like whoa! sometimes i like getting brutalized by my niece, like enjoying flying remote controls at my head and getting scratched is also a favorite, and if you think thats not phat, thats phat.


BAND RELATION: vocals/guitar
BORN: july 7, 1984
MARITAL STATUS: taken by tewies (shes not make believe this time!!!!)
FAVORITE BAND: new found glory, nofx
FAVORITE MOVIE: wrf videos, mallrats
WHERE ABOUTS: sterling heights, mi
PET: jon jon
IN HIS SPARE TIME: i stare at things a lot, but usually i like to spend almost everyday of my life with the warren crew or one of them atleast ;) P.S. dan says "jon overfloaded my toliet...shit everywhere"


FULL NAME: jon, jon jon, goobs, curty, etc

Jon enjoys pulling his pants down infront of Dan's sister and boyfriend while their making really sets the mood.  Until jon got sacked in the nuts.  But it was pretty funny before that.  Jon also enjoys flooding Dan's toliet after taking monster poops and plugging it up....then he is mr. clean and skates around on towels cleaning it up.  Jon Jon also enjoys asking the GNC guys how he can get BUFF in a week...they say there is no hope.


BLINK 182 RELATION: vocals/bass
BORN: March 18, 1985
MARITAL STATUS: "even though im a magnet i might have found one"
FAVORITE BAND: bowling for soup, mxpx
FAVORITE MOVIE: 10 things i hate about you (sara), american pie
RESIDES: South Warren, MI
ACTIVITES: jackin the wankee, hanging out with danny or kelly, makin fun of peoples hair.
IN HIS SPARE TIME: Plays with himself  

And if your wondering where our drummer is WE DONT GOT ONE!  So if you play drums and live in Southeast Michigan and reallllllllllllly wanna join a sucky band drop us a line.