1.    skittles
2.    who's the boss
3.    highschool reunion
4.    already broke
5.    berjer bass
6.    bengay










i dont wanna be here...
i dont even know this place
i see that someones over there
but i cannot see their face....

and i cant stand my future
knowing what its become
and i cant stand the present
because i cant help, im dumb...

and i dont wanna be here...
because i never did belong
its hard to get this all out
thats why i write this song....

and someday you will see me
and what i have become
and when it comes to that day
you will realize that im gone...

ok so what am i supposed to do
just sit around and wait for you
well you know that isnt posible
sometimes your unbelievable

all i know is this one thing
is that you'll never have a place with me
and i know sometimes life is rotten...
but... consider...yourself... forgotten...


it was fun while it lasted
all the times that we laughed, cried, laughed
but now it has passed us
and now we're sad, happy, mad
but life has gone on with out us
and so were left behind
so jes go on livin your life
you cant help us.. we're lost in time....

[chorus] * 2





who's the boss

life is short thats one thing for sure
i never knew what you liked me for
but that doesnt matter now
when it comes to me and you
some things just dont work out

masturbation is the only thing i do
that and of course think about you
i ask myself, what does he got that i dont
and so what if im always broke
it shouldnt matter, and, it, wont

cause im the boss of me
and ill never forget you
yeah im the boss of me
our memories i wont, hold on to
cause im the boss of me.
your no better than me
and im the boss of me
and i dont answer, to anybody but me
cause im the boss of me

your not the only one, for me...
people tell me theres plenty fish in the sea

and i can't make you love me if you dont
and i can't make your heart feel something it wont
but i can promise that i'll go on wild and free
and i can promise that you will be a distant memory

cause im the boss of me





highschool reunion

i remember walking these halls
that was years ago
the teacher talkin to me
i was asleep though
i dont remember much
a few things here and there
no i dont remember you
and im not about to care

no im not about to care

so you approach me now
wanna reminis about old times
well i dont remember those
the same goes for you, so bye
you tell me stories, as if i knew them, like i was there
you tell me about your life, as if i know you, as if i care
i dont wanna be so rude
so ill just walk away
i wont be at the next highschool


well in 20 years i dont think anythings changed
i didnt like you then, and i still feel the same
you used to try to talk to me then, just like you do now
i didnt like you then, and i still dont like you now
so lets sit down, as i pretend to listen to you
as you talk i think, im glad i left highschool
[end of chorus]

as you leave
another one approaches me
i can not believe
that you remember me
oh how i wish you didnt
so i could get some sleep
but the nights coming to an end
and im growing anxious
so i can go and get some sleep
and forget all about this
sure ill see you then
in the next 20 years
and if you see me on the street
please dont come near
you wanna know
why i act the way i do
well its about
its about, not rememberin you
you wanna know
why i do things the way i do
well its not about
the things i did back in highschool

no its about
the things i did back in highschool
and when i see you next
dont be suprised
i wont remember you then
and i dont care about your life

[chorus] *2





already broke

your way too late
and im already leaving
its been way too long
and im already gone
yeah you just are way too late
and now i've made my escape

i dont like you anyway
no dreams to hold on to
we all stay the same
no changing in our world
wanted to see you 
attempted to try
im just a short story in your life
wanted to hold you
attempted to slide
im just a memory in your mind

i know nothings changed
so what everythings the same
did you expect me to give up
im not gonna crawl up your butt (just to be a friend)
insecurity is by my side
but your rules dont apply

you make a big deal
that im only sixteen
you wanted all eyes on you
you wanted the whole scene.


i can't sleep
without you near me
and that can't be
so why do i worry
not in it for fun
just for your love
what you dont give
and i have to split
insecurity is by my side
but your rules dont apply





berjer bass

dan burger has sex with alot of guy X6
i like to have sex with him.






He always knew that he was different
but he was sure when he hit the fifth grade
when he broke up with his girlfriend
and asked her brother out the very next day

So now all the girls think he's cute
but he just brushes them right away
his friends always talk about meeting the right guy
he knows he'll meet mr. right some day

everyone thinks he's odd
just because he went out with todd
hes a real nice guy
but when it gets down to it
hes not thinking about kim, hes thinkin 'bout tim

his life was just like his woodshop
cause he could never cut a board straight
his thoughts of men just wont stop
because... ben... is... gaaay!

[chorus] * 2